Russell Bundy – CEO/Founder

Russell's background is within the radio industry where he spent more than 10+ years at various radio stations. He owned his own radio station for 2 years and had an e-commerce business for 5 years. Russell entered the NFT space in 2020.
Arnon Woolfson – Non-Executive Director

Arnon has worked in the music industry for more than 12 years and has worked for some the biggest companies like Sony, Anomaly & Muru Music. He an advisor for Abbey Road studio and is well respected in the music space.
Toby Cruse – Non-Executive Director

Toby is the CEO/Founder of Worldwide Entertainment which is a events company that been going for over 14 years. He worked with some the biggest stars from Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, ABBA, Palmo Faith and more. His expertise in events and reputation in the music industry helps MadBop to excel to the next level.


Love Fajota – Executive Advisor



Amanda Lloyd – Ambassador

Amanda Lloyd has worked in the entertainment space for more then 15 years and has handled multiple bookings for musicians in the music industry. She was also best friends with Steve Strange and took over his estate when he passed in 2015.
Sonique – Ambassador

Sonique is a singer/song writer who has been in music scene since 1990. She sung and wrote some the biggest chart singles in early 2000's such as: "It Feels so good" and "Sky". She a multitalented musician who can also DJ and play multiple instruments too.
Ronan MacManus – Ambassador

Ronan is a independent musician and is part of an Irish band. He worked as an artist manager to Breeze Redwine and is a presenter on Switchbox TV.
Nick Tauber – Ambassador

Nick Tauber is a music producer that has produced music to the likes of Thin Lizzy, Toyah and Marillion in the 1970s and 1980s. Nick Tauber continues to manage, produce, and consult with acts/artists/and producers a like.
David Soames – Ambassador

David is a writer/producer and wrote the Book and Lyrics for the musical TIME starring Cliff Richard and Laurence Olivier. He co-wrote the Book for musical A TALE OF TWO CITIES which Bill Kenwright produced on tour.