B3cks & MadBop Collaboration Package

B3cks and MadBop have collaborated together to make this unique collection for people to purchase there 1st NFT package at a cheap price. The collectables in this collection could be worth a fortune later on.

Inside NFT Bundle


Unlock 1:  Invite Into Private Whatsapp Chat Group For 6 Months (Music Production Conversation Only)

Unlock 2:  Q&A + Music Production Tutoring On Zoom Call

Unlock 3:  B3cks Thank You Video


About Artist

B3cks is a 20-year-old emerging UK talent, Brit School graduate, and dance music producer. Having always loved electronic music since the tender age of 11, she was inspired by the sampling and meaty beats of her favourite band ‘The Prodigy’. She has gone on to produce top quality deep, lo-fi and commercial house - but by far, her favourite genre is techno. BBC Introducing London love her music, and so do we.