MadBop sells jukeboxes that contain collectables and music inside. This includes singles, albums, unreleased singles, concert tickets, limited edition merchandise, autographed pictures, unseen video moments and more. Each jukebox that is purchased and opened will help you build your collection.
You can find them in “My Collection” under the user icon person after you login. Sometimes we may do a pre-order ahead of the jukeboxes being dropped as well, but once they have been dropped into your collection by the set date, then you will be able to open them.

Follow the following process to showcase your collectable/single/album:

1. First head to “My Collection” under the user icon person 2. Click/select the item you wish to showcase which should load up the item "Details" 3. Go down to the bottom of the “Details" page and select “Showcase” button

Then check profile to see if it updated.

Here a list of portential items you can collect from jukeboxes:

• Autographed pictures • Limited edition merchandise • Behind the scenes video moments • Special one-of artwork • MadBop Artwork • Concert & festival tickets • Backstage passes • Meet and greets • Metaverse concerts

+ So much more!
You can resell these on our marketplace by selecting “Marketplace” from the menu above.
The drops for jukeboxes are completely random and can sometimes be daily, weekly, or even monthly. To find out when our next drop is just head over to our “Discord" by selecting here.
Just head over to the “Community" section on the website and you will be able to search for collectors on there.
Yes, there is! Most of the community will be on our “Discord", and you can join up by selecting here.
You can contact us by going here if you want to work with us. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
We are currently working on a referral reward scheme that will benefit you and your friends.